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Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members dedicated to the advancement of education in Elmhurst. They are passionately dedicated and fully vested in insuring the long term success of our schools and our children. Our work allows for above and beyond access to innovate educational opportunities for all children in 205. Throughout our work we continually reaffirm our values of community, innovation, excellence, unity & inclusion.

Foundation 205 Staff

Kate Knicker
Executive Director

Lauren Johnson
Associate Director

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Heather Stotts, Chair
Marc Marini, Vice Chair
John Lascody, Treasurer
Megan Farley, Secretary

Mark Anglewicz
Angie Barnett
Valerie Baxter

Jeff Bryk
Pragna Dave 

Drew Ehlers
Megan Farley
Michael Haarlow
Chris Hohenstein
​Kati Kemph

Jenn Kovacs
Heidi Maier

Tom Makinney
Angie Martino
Melissa Ptasienski
Anne Rago-Hackett

Kanako Shuaipaj
Lauren Specht
Kelly Stetler
Lyle Weseloh

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